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The actual sorcerer is a marvelous clash of clans hack tool product which usually might wear a purple hide based upon it’s levels in addition to a leather-based belt buckle by means of silver buckle together with light brown boot styles. That expert may be very just like the archer for the reason that the application makes use of a varied invasion and can fire throughout rooms. The idea sets fireballs that great ruin, but it usually requires help support since it has got remarkably affordable hitpoints which enable it to often be put to sleep from safeguarding.


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  • Haron

    My name is Haron and that you are having a great lovely time at sayers croft we went there as well it WAS AMAZING!!! First we went night walk me and my friends scared the girls it was hallerious and then we went to eat some marshmellows it was delicious the boys stay up late a bit and the girls go to sleep early, but when we wake up boys wake up at 7:50 we do a bit of work watch a bit of tv and we played football trent all ways beat amazon if we were late for breakfeast we wouldnt have any i bet your having a better time then us.

  • heba

    Dear Trent, I am heba and I hope you are enjoying your time at Sayers Croft. Let men tell you all about the time when I went to Sayers Croft. My favorite part was when the girls all were in one room and we shared a chocolate bar.We even got to watch mr bean at night. Some times I put my head under my pillow and was awake until 12 midnight while the others were all asleep.

  • Shahd

    Dear Trent, hello I am Shahd! Bet you that you are having a great time in saint croft we went there when we were in year 5 we went night walk the girls were so scared that they were screaming there heads of but the boys were laughing we caped telling the boys that it not funny but they never stopped the girls wake up at 7;30 and the boys wake up at 7:00 when you wake up you had to right your diary then go out side and play football then we go an have lunch at 8:00 then we go on a adventure then we have lunch then we play football one of the teachers bake us hot chocolate we’ll we have a shower then we drink the hot chocolate the go and play football then we go to dinner before we sleep we watch a movie my favourite bit is the disco believe me your going to have fun there

  • bleona

    I think its so good that we made
    this website because we can
    write on things when we want to

  • Erfan

    I’m really happy that you made this blog as well because we can share ideas even when we are on holiday!!!!

  • Erfan

    My new resolution is to be always on time and to come to school everyday.
    I’m doing a fantastic job

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